Sunday, 18 August 2013

Muslim Men Protecting A Catholic Church In Egypt During Mass

by odibe henry  |  in World News at  10:17

I may be against Muslims sometimes but when I see the good ones I always praise them ....... I believe human are naturally good, we are being destroyed by some certain teaching at every point. Wish this love will progress everywhere even to Nigeria " Muslim men protecting a Catholic Church in Egypt during mass. let's commend our Muslims brothers that stand by peace in Egypt. Note: I'm a Christian and I love this so so much . Happy Sunday to all.


  1. may ALLAH GUIDE DEM,nd lead dem out of dis war

  2. God is great,some of them still have the fear of God

  3. The day Christians and Moslems start protecting themselves believing that only One God exist and every soul is His cherish, there will be peace in the world. Good muslim secure live, others destroy lives.

  4. We shall hav the peace , I bliv so


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